About CLO2GO

After working as Learning Professionals, Learning Strategy Consultants and Learning Vendors,  we found that many of the organizations we worked with were struggling to identify the best learning strategies and solutions for their learning needs. Making matters worse, although there is a ton of information available, there were not a lot of true (unbiased) learning advocates available to work directly with customers. CLO2GO offers vendor agnostic learning support for our customers. We can assess your organizations current capacity and potential learning strategy and help you identify, implement and even manage the right tools you need to realize that strategy.

Leadership - Paul Hawkins

Early in my career I was introduced to the concept of a Learning Organization through Peter Senge's "The Fifth Discipline" while I didn't realize it at the time, that book became the foundation of my career. The search for the "Learning Organization" lead me through organizational Learning and Development, Learning Strategy Consulting and Learning Management Vendors. This provided me with exposure to customers in Healthcare, Aerospace, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Transportation and Public Sector throughout North America and Europe.  Although the true Learning Organization eluded me I did learn that no Learning Management System is right for every customer, technology is only 1/4 of the Learning Organization equation, vendors main business is selling software and there are too few advocates for Learning customers. It was those last two lessons that drove me to create CLO2GO.  You will be happy to know that I did end up finding the Learning Organization I sought and through CLO2GO we can share our experience to help customers optimize their learning organizations.