The CLO2GO Approach

CLO2GO is a vendor agnostic Learning Consulting group that helps their clients realize their organizational learning goals. Having worked in corporate Learning and Development, Learning Strategy Consulting and numerous Learning Management System vendors, CLO2GO is the perfect customer advocate for clients interested in enhancing their organizational learning approach. We provide three separate, yet complimentary services: 

Learning Assessment and Strategy Development

"If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there."
This paraphrase of Lewis Carroll highlights the importance understanding your organizations learning capabilities and capacities before investing in learning tools and resources. We have designed efficient surveys that help assess your culture, resources, processes and technology which provides a summary of your strengths and challenges that will impact your learning goals. From this summary, we can create a realistic learning strategy that includes tangible steps needed to achieve your goals.

Vendor Selection and Implementation

As a follow-on from the Learning Assessment and Strategy Development or as a standalone service, the vendor selection process offers our customers a predefined requirements tool they use to define their exact requirements.

Building on that, we have a library of samples that will expedite any Learning vendor selection process while ensuring a quantifiable selection audit trail. Once your vendor has been selected, CLO2GO can work with you through the implementation to ensure you safely navigate the common pitfalls of an implementation (budget overrun, scope creep, missed deadlines, and communication issues with vendors for example)

Staff Augmentation and Development

As a follow-on from the Vendor Selection and Implementation or as a stand-alone service, our outsourcing service provides customers with resources that can work with them either on a short-term (after the implementation where they need someone to administer their learning solution) or long-term basis (to provide on-going administration and development services). No job is too small for CLO2GO and this can be really helpful for organizations in a hiring freeze to still be able to move forward with their Learning.